Benjamin Perney

Multimedia front-end engineer

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Champagne Lejeune Père & Fils

Wordpress / Theme development

Context: My friend is a champagne producer

Website made with Wordpress creating a child theme. And few champagne flutes.
UX/UI design and graphic design


Wordpress / Javascript Online Calculator

Context: Distributor of lenses for cataract surgery

Project management, SASS/GruntJS, parallax effect, responsive design, multilingual, javascript/jQuery, HTML5 canvas
Customer training

Passionnément toi

Wordpress / Theme development

Context: A pair of photographers - wedding photography

Custom theme development from scratch made with Zurb Foundation and SASS.
UX/UI design, graphic design

Option Interim

Wordpress / Theme development

Context: Human resources company

Project management, ergonomy, UX/UI design, responsive design HTML5/CSS3, back-end PHP/MySQL, job board features
Customer training

Wolters Kluwer

Mobile web application

Context: Global information publishing company

Internal magazine made with Wordpress and jQuery mobile application with push notifications. Handled JSON objects from Wordpress REST API.
UX/UI design